As the first rays of the morning sun peek over the crater's edge to the east, a soft golden light infuses the grounds, awakening the colors of the garden.

As the sun climbs higher in the cool morning sky, the sea beyond begins to sparkle with light, and the air is filled with the rhythmic sound of the waves rushing along the shoreline.

And in the midst of the gardens sits a charming historic home, cozy and inviting with its shady porch and comfortable wicker chairs that beckon you to come and sit, and take in the relaxing ocean and garden views. Antique furnishings and an old-style sunroom looking onto the sun-filled oceanfront lanai conjure up nostalgic feelings of a gentler time. If you're lucky, you may even get visited by the lovable family lab, Mr. Theodore "Teddy" Bayer, who is always festively dressed for the occasion, and ready to undertake his duties as the official greeter of guests.

Welcome to another lovely day at the Bayer Estate—wonderfully peaceful, almost magical setting, for your special celebration.